Fred le Chevalier in Menilmontant

I’m a big fan of the beautiful and poetic street art of Fred le Chevalier. It’s always a delight to suddenly come across it around a corner, on a drainpipe or a postbox, and every time I see one I take a photo. I’m building up quite a collection.

I love the fact that they don’t last, their beauty gradually disappearing with time and weather. Their fragility makes them even more special. The ones I have found are located in Menilmontant and some around Oberkampf and the top end of the Marais.



Take the metro, and your camera, to Pere Lachaise or Menilmontant and just wander. Not only is it a fascinating part of the city to explore, but who knows, at every turn in the street there could be a moment of surprise and joy just waiting for you.


  • rue de Menilmontant, 75020 Paris. Metro Menilmontant or Père Lachaise 

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