Gardens made for sharing

The other day I stumbled across a wonderful garden in the middle of the Marais.


Peering through a gate I could see an amazing profusion of fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and herbs all growing in a fairly tiny space. I was lucky that one of the gardeners happened to be in there, and he invited me in. And so I discovered that there are ‘Jardins partagés’ or shared gardens dotted all across Paris. Lovingly cared for by people living locally who share the space, the work and the produce as a community, this one also provides a place where they meet, organize picnics and parties and sometimes art exhibitions – they have even produced a book.


In a city where people mainly live in apartments, it is wonderful to find these tiny pieces of countryside hiding amongst the buildings. If one of the gardeners is in there you are free to go in, wander around and learn about the community that tends the garden, as well of course as enjoying a few moments of country life in the middle of the city.

  • Le Potager des Oiseaux, 2-4 rue des Oiseaux, 75003 Paris  Metro: Filles du Calvaire

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