Sevres Porcelain – ‘La Manufacture’

Last weekend it was the ‘Journées du Patrimoine’, a weekend of open days held across Europe where we have access to visit all kinds of buildings that are usually closed to the public.

I went on a guided visit of the famous porcelain making workshops in Sevres, just on the western edge of Paris. Makers of some of the finest porcelain in France, once favoured by kings, queens and mistresses, it’s fascinating to see that it’s still in operation today. Our visit took us through the whole process, from the making of the porcelain itself:

to the making of the statues, many of them incredibly detailed.

Contemporary artists are often in residence here, and once their residency complete their works are shown in the adjoining museum.


We then saw the famous ‘Sevres blue’ which is so recognisable:

And finally learned how the highly skilled artisans decorate the fine tableware with pure gold.

It was fascinating to see how such fine traditions are safeguarded and perpetuated by a team of skilled and passionate artisans.

The museum is open daily except Tuesdays, 10am – 5pm. It houses a wonderful collection of porcelains, spanning the centuries and from all over the world, and is home to many varied contemporary exhibitions too.

  • La Manufacture de Sevres, 2 Place de la Manufacture, 92310 Sevres

Take the metro to Pont de Sevres and cross the bridge over the Seine. The museum sits just on the other side of the river, in front of the Parc de St Cloud.

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