Paris old & new – the rue des Jardins

Living in Paris is like living inside history, if that makes sense. The museums are not just full of collections to be looked at, they live and evolve, involving us as spectators and visitors. The ancient parts of the city co-exist with the modern, often they are alongside or on top of one another, so it’s hard to make the distinction unless you look closely – we can be so surrounded by history and beauty that it can be easy not to even notice it.

This basketball court in the Marais is a great example. Look closely and you’ll see that the old fortified city walls of King Philippe Auguste run alongside it. The players are bouncing their ball off a wall that dates back to the 13th century, despite the fact that it’s the longest remaining piece of the old city wall and is classified as a historic monument. Houses have also been built using the wall and we can see one of two remaining towers.

You will find this everywhere in Paris, old, less old, and modern all jumbled in together. It’s part of the charm of this beautiful city, history is alive and present in our everyday lives.

  • rue des Jardins, 75004 Paris. métro Pont Marie or St Paul

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