The Musée Rodin in Meudon

The Musée Rodin is one of my favorite museums in Paris, and I just discovered that Rodin had a house and studio where he lived and worked just on the outskirts of Paris, in Meudon. He is also buried there with his companion Rose Beuret, in the gardens under a sculpture of The Thinker, and it’s a wonderful place to get a more intimate view of the life and work of this great artist.

Here we can see the house, ‘La Villa des Brillants’, bought by Rodin at an auction in 1895, and with his studio still attached. He later added the front of the Chateau d’Issy to the lower end of the garden, which he saved from demolition (it had been burned during the Paris Commune of 1871), creating a place where he would entertain friends, models, collectors and fellow artists. Around the house at the time were also several other smaller houses and workshops where some of the 50 people working for him lived and worked.

Next to the house is a gallery style museum, built in 1931, and filled with plaster casts of many of Rodin’s famous works. It gives a great insight into the work and process that went into producing his great masterpieces.

The house and museum are surrounded by gardens with wonderful views over the city.  There’s also a gallery space next to the house for temporary exhibitions, currently showing a fascinating exhibition of photos of sculptors in at work by Robert Doisneau. If you’re a fan of Rodin, this is a wonderful place to come and feel much closer to the man and his work.

  • Musée Rodin Meudon, 19 avenue Auguste Rodin, 92190 Meudon.
  • RER line C Meudon Val Fleury

Open all year Friday/Saturday/Sunday 13:00 – 18:00

Musée Rodin Meudon

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