Villages in Paris – la rue Cremieux

Blink and you could be in a village in the west of Ireland. Or perhaps Portobello Road in London. The rue Cremieux in the 12th arrondissement is one of the most picturesque streets in Paris. The street is only 144 metres long and 7.5 metres wide – thirty five houses, no more than 2 storeys high and with a kitchen in the basement, were built in 1857 for local workers, and in 1993 it was repaved and became pedestrian only.

The brightly painted houses and tranquil atmosphere of the street are a world away from the busy Gare de Lyon just around the corner. If the bustle of the city gets a bit too much, step off into the rue Cremieux, and the roar of the city around you could almost transform, just for a moment, into the roar of waves crashing onto an Irish beach.

  • rue Cremieux, between the rue de Lyon and rue de Bercy, 75012. metro: Gare de Lyon or Quai de la Rapée

3 thoughts on “Villages in Paris – la rue Cremieux

  1. How funny! We´ve just discovered rue Crémieux about 2 weeks ago by pure chance. It really is special, I loved the wall paintings on the house on the corner and also made a handful of photos there! Perhaps we´ve just missed one another!


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