Find the Paris space invaders

Looking for space invaders in Paris is a great activity, for all sorts of reasons. The main reason I like it is that if forces you to look up, to take notice of your surroundings in a different way, to pay attention to parts of buildings that you would not normally look at. It’s a fantastic way to explore a city and also to keep children involved and excited. And of course it’s fun when you find a new one.

Many cities around the world have been invaded now, but Paris particularly is home to a vast array of these creatures of all sizes. Each one is mapped and catalogued by Invader, the artist who remains anonymous. He apparently attended the prestigious art school Les Beaux Arts in Paris, although according to his wikipedia page he tells people he attended a tiling school on Mars.

There is also a great app you can download onto your phone called Flash Invaders. Each time you find one you photograph it through the app, you are given a score and entered into a table where you compete with others all over the world to find the most. The app works across all cities and has very cool 80’s graphics and sound.

So if you are visiting Paris with children, download the app and enjoy the hunt. It will allow you to walk the streets for hours! And even if you don’t have children, keep your eyes open. It’s free art, a different way of looking at the city, and a great surprise every time you find one.

And don’t just look for these creatures, other ‘visitors’ are popping up all around the city!

Invader’s website (in English)

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