White Nights in Paris

On the first Saturday in October Paris stays up all night in honour of Nuit Blanche, a contemporary art festival now in its 15th year. Each year an artistic director is nominated by the City of Paris:  this year it’s Jean de Loisy, President of the contemproary art museum the Palais de Tokyo, who invited 40 artists to present their works throughout the city.

The 2016 Nuit Blanche follows a love story, based on a 15th century Italian novel ‘Poliphilo’s strife of love in a dream’. Rewritten by Yannick Haenel especially for Nuit Blanche, as we read the story we follow Poliphilo in pursuit of his love, the nymph Polia, through a dreamlike landscape. The main artworks providing the backdrop for the story are situated along the Seine river stretching from the west to the east of the city, but there is also an ‘Off’ festival scattered throughout the whole city.

Information booklets and maps are available, as is an app (also available in English), to ensure that you don’t get lost or miss anything, and copies of the modern version of the story. You can easily walk or cycle between the different installations, plenty of people are out enjoying the art and the atmosphere, and it’s a different and fascinating way to spend a night in Paris.

Nuit Blanche facebook page.


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